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Declaration of Corporate Status

Nekekim Corporation, is a closely held, C-type non-public corporation, established in the State of Nevada. It has been operating under US SEC Regulation D since April 1993. This web site is not an attempt nor a solicitation to sell securities or equity in Nekekim Corporation and has not been posted for that purpose, therefore no company contact information has been provided herein.

Disclosure of Internet Fraud Attempt

With Regard to Bucura Trust Internet offer to Sell Gold

On January 28, 2010 an erroneous and fraudulent Internet Web Page was posted on the Internet under the name Buy Gold, Silver Dore from Bucura Trust. The site was also linked to and listed on This same false and misleading Internet site referred to Nekekim Corporation, a Nevada Corporation, as a producer of gold and platinum group metals that were to be marketed to the general pubic through Hard Rock Exploration and Mining, Inc. and the Bucura Trust. Buyer Beware!!! The unknown entity that posted the fraudulent Internet site has no relationship with Nekekim Corporation, nor has it ever had any relationship with Nekekim Corporation, its employees or its investors, whatsoever. Further, Nekekim Corporation has not produced any of the precious metal products mentioned in the advertisement for sale. Nekekim Corporation has no agreement with Bucura Trust or Hard Rock Exploration and Mining, Inc. to market any precious metals by use of Internet advertising or any other means. Potential investors in precious metals are strongly advised not to respond to this site or any of its associated links in any way. Do not give personal information to the owners, or the creators of the site at any time. Nekekim Corporation does not assume responsibility for the erroneous and fraudulent site, and Nekekim Corporation is not responsible for any financial or personal harm that may come from association with the fraudulent site to any person or entity that may become a victim of fraud from the site.


Order to Cease and Desist With regard to an anonymous and fraudulent posting of a Web site that has associated Nekekim Corporation, A Nevada Corporation, with an non-existent sale of precious metals on the Internet, Nekekim Corporation hereby orders those persons responsible for the creation and posting of the site to immediately "cease and desist" from any Internet postings or activities of any nature, both now or in the future, which refer, directly or indirectly to Nekekim Corporation in any way whatsoever. An investigation is now being conducted to track the source of the fraudulent site and its creators, and once the perpetrators have been identified, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.